Since we found out that Avery “got in” to the TWI (Two Way Immersion) Program at a local public school near us, we have been asked many of the same questions. Here they are;

1. That’s the school you wanter her at? The reason we get asked this question in because the school isn’t the “best” in the area as far as test scores go. IMO test scores don’t really say much about the school and the teachers in it. This school is in the “barrio” and draws kids that don’t have much English spoken at home. We are confident that our daughters test scores will be outstanding no matter what school she goes to…

2. Do you guys speak Spanish? No, neither of us speak much Spanish. This will not be a hinderance or a benefit in acquiring a 2nd language. I learned French at the same time as English, my parents didn’t speak any French and I retained it just fine. They do have classes for us to take if we want to keep up with her.

3. Won’t she be behind, academically, compared to kids in other public schools? Yes, she will. From what I’ve read and talked to a few parents whose kids have been or are in the program, until about 3rd grade the kids will be a bit behind, but by the end of 5th grade they will totally be on track and be at the same spot as the other kids in public school and will be ready for middle school. This doesn’t bother us all, we know she’ll be caught up and ready for middle school. When we get to that point we will see if she continues with the TWI Program through middle school & high school or follow the traditional middle school program, all in English.

There are two groups of kids that have stuck with the program through middle school and are now in high school. These kids took the AP Spanish test, the lowest score was an 85%. We were impressed with that.

4. Why do you want her in the program? We feel that learning a second language in an invaluable skill that will only help her in the future. It’s a plus that this program is in Spanish, since we live in California and much of our community is made up of Spanish speakers. We would be as interested in any TWI program, even if it were in Korean or Farsi! My question is; why wouldn’t you want your kid in this program?

Any other questions? Feel free to ask or comment- bring it!

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