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We went to the new Aquatic Center this afternoon. It was the grand opening today, but we went too late for all the hoopla. It was a bit windy but we all had fun and got wet.
It was a little crowded, but what do you expect with a new attraction? We went to the 4.5 foot pool for most of the time. The water was 84 degrees (2 degrees warmer than the VC Pool!). Avery had a great time till she got water up her nose. She was not happy about that!
My overall analysis of the aquatic center is that it’s a great place, totally needed by Ventura. The locker rooms sucked big time. I’ve spent a lot of time in many locker rooms in my life, so I know what I like. Too many toilets and not enough room to change. If you go into the locker room to go pee, you see all the people that are showering! Weird to me. There are not enough benches to set your stuff on when changing. There are no long-term lockers, so if you were to go swimming a few times a week, you have to bring all your shower stuff with you- a real pain in the behind! The showers are not so great either. The water pressure is good but the water comes out in one strong stream, OK for adults, but a little difficult for the kids- not just my kid, but the kids in there today couldn’t get the shampoo out of their hair!
I have been twice now to this new joint. I know we’ll be going a lot over the next few years. We live close enough to walk, which is a big plus.
We paid some moula for our names to go on the “Athletic Donor” wall. It says “Dan, Sara & Avery Cameron.” Check it out when you go by there.
Did anyone else have the chance to go check out this new attraction in the beautiful city of Ventura?

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  1. I forgot to add the extreme prices!!
    0-2 free (surprise, surprise)
    3-9 $3
    10-18 $5
    19-55 $6
    55+ $5
    Problem is that any kid under 10 years MUST have an adult with them, makes sense to me, but if you are bringing your 9 year old (who is water safe), you still have to pay $6 to get in even if you don’t get in. Another thing is that if I wanted to go watch Dan & Avery I would still have to pay $6 to go in even though I am not getting in. I think what will happen is parents are going to drop their kids off for the afternoon- not a good thing, the lifeguards are busy enough!
    I was surprised at how many kids were there with parents who didn’t get in with them. By kids I mean like 5 and under. SAD and SCARY!
    Seems a bit much for just playing around in a pool, but i guess if you are going for the day, you can make it last.
    Oh, you can also bring any food you want inside with you, but no glass bottles.

  2. That’s pretty cool. That does seem a bit pricey, though. Great discount for the seniors: a whole buck! That reminds me of when we went to the Empire State building and it was $13 per person, $12 for seniors; why even bother?

    The one in Ojai is $10 for an all day pass, which used to be a bit of a rip off when it was just the park thing (maybe it was cheaper back then) but now that they have that lazy river thing it is pretty cool.

  3. We have an aquatic center out here but its only $3 for adults and $2 for kids. Levi loved it last time we were there.

  4. Whoever thought of the Ventura Aquatic Center’s prices is a dork. I’d rather swim at Debbie’s for free.
    Wonder if they give you your money back if someone…ummm…contaminates the pool and you get kicked out of the water for an hour. THAT would be a good deal for sure.
    I liked the lazy river thing at the Lake Casitas waterpark. It was relaxing. I also think that it would be cool to add a huge wave pool or something. Make the park an actual, full fledge water park with some grown up slides and what-not.

  5. JB-The one in Ojai definitely has more stuff and you can make a whole day of it there. Also everyone has to pay to get in there. I was going to go last summer, but I would have to pay$10 for Avery to get in!
    Kristen- What kind of stuff do they have at the park by you?

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