The Rents

My parents were here for 4 short days. After an awesome breakfast at Two Trees Cafe,  they were off to  another adventure in Palm Springs with my Aunt & Uncle. They only make to us about once a year, so it’s bittersweet when they are here to visit.

While they were here we ate out a lot– they have a few places they really enjoy so we had to eat at them!

We decided to go the McConnels Ice Cream for dessert one evening. My mom noticed it a few days ag0. She remembers going to McConnels in Santa Barbara when she was in college at Westmont! Yup, it’s been around for a while! It was a yummy as she remembered it to be.

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, always a favorite of ours. The last time we went there, I was very pregnant with Sawyer. We played a few games. Avery beat my mom 3 times at Guess Who! My dad won his hand at Go Fish.

Now our fridge is full of leftovers and Avery wants to play Guess Who & Go Fish again.

We love you Gram & Grampy!!

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