eggs, eggs & more eggs

So many (plastic) eggs! What do we do with all these eggs now? Here are a few fabulous ideas for those pesky colorful eggs. I don’t want to keep them till next year (surprise, surprise…!), so let’s play with them now.

Egg & Spoon Race: Give your child a spoon and put the eggs on the spoon. How far can you walk with the egg & spoon? Can you hop while holding onto the spoon? Try different sized spoons. We made obstacle course to go through too.

S did more of an "egg drop."

Egg Toss- use a bucket, laundry basket or box to toss the eggs into. Move the “starting line” farther & farther away.

Some of our treasures.

Treasure Hunt- Put a small object inside an egg and begin. We played like “I Spy.” After your child guesses your object, it’s his/her turn to hide something inside. Fill the last Easter egg with some candy- what a treat!

Sound Match- Fill pairs of eggs with matching objects. Tape them closed and have your child shake each egg and find the matches.

Egg Roll Race- Mark a finish line on the floor with masking tape, or outside with chalk. Roll the plastic eggs and see which one crosses the finish line first. We ended up  blowing on our eggs to get them across the finish line.

Missing Egg- Set out 3-6 different eggs. Talk about each one, name the colors with your child, etc. Then your child closes his/her eyes while you take one egg away. Then, guess which one is missing! Be sure to let your child be the “hider” too!

Working on her egg chart.

Sort & Graph- Sort a basket of plastic eggs by color. Older kids will be able to color in a simple bar graph showing how many eggs there are for each color. We estimated (educated guess) which color would have the most first.

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