If She Had Hair…

I decided to get into the festive season and get out my halloween/harvest box. I forgot about all the crap I bought in years past to “decorate” with. So I set out some of the crap, then I came across the costumes we’ve kept and at the bottom were the wigs… I love wigs. They are so much fun. Avery was eyeing them as I deciding whether to keep them out or not. I had to see how they looked on her. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. So, what kind of hair do you think Avery looks best in? If anyone who has a bald baby would like to borrow the wigs just let me know.

12 responses to “If She Had Hair…”

  1. Hilarious! The glamour girl wig is the best, though I kinda like the first one, it seems to suit her somehow.

  2. I like the straight blonde…it makes her look more like you! How hilarious is that!

  3. I love wigs too! I have a few if you want to try them out on Avery. One’s a “Mia Wallace” wig from Pulp Fiction. Then I have a Marilyn Monroe platinum wig, and a Olivia Newton John “Sandy” wig from Grease.
    My personal favorite is the first one- I actually said “who is that?”!!!! Then I read the rest of the post. The first just suits her, as Michel said.

  4. I think she looks good in the 3rd one – remembering when her dad dyed his hair blonde, and let it grow out. #2 long blond hair looks like her mom. She is always dressed up and Sara puts such cute clothes on her. Of course we are very partial so even in her diaper she is such a cutie. Love from the ‘Senior Cameron’s to the “younger Cameron’s. Love you all – grandma & grandpa.

  5. My vote is for the brown curly also. Looks almost like Annie. Thanks for giving us the laugh of the day.

  6. Well Dan you are crazy! Good thing I erased a few of the pictures before posting them. You looked really crazy (scary) in those.

  7. The 2nd one kind of looks like Joey’s hair! Maybe we should try that one on Quinn and see!

  8. We like all of them. You just need to get Avery an agent, and off to Hollywood she goes! Very beautiful, and so self possessed-such stage presence. Cute idea. Can’t wait to see her in person. PS Dan is cute too! D&B

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