He is Risen!!

A can retell the story of Easter with no problem. Between school, Awanas & church she know it and loves it- the people were sad Jesus died, then happy because he was alive… at the end she shouts “He has risen!!” I love it!

Here is a poem she got from church. She liked sorting the jelly beans while we read it.

Red- blood of Jesus

Orange– Sunrise on Easter Sunday

Yellow– Jesus is the light of the world

Green- Jesus gave us life

Purple- Jesus is the King of Kings

White-Jesus washed our sins away

Black– our sins

When she prayed tonight she said “Thank you Jesus for the Easter bunny (Dan & I had to chuckle), and thank you for dying on the cross for us…” She really is starting to “get it.” It will be a while till she fully understands what Jesus did for us, but she knows that Jesus died for us and loves us sooo much.

love this girl

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