Easter Events

We had a busy Easter weekend, filled lots of fun activities and candy too!


On Saturday I went to go volunteer at our church’s event in downtown Oxnard while Dan took the kids to an Eggstravaganza at the park up the street. It was hosted by the church that is affiliated with A’s preschool and organized by a friend of ours.  We went to this event last year and had a great time, so he wanted to take the kids again. They joined me later on at the Easter event I was volunteering at.

I was at the “coloring table.” At first I thought that this booth was not going to get much action, but I was wrong. Kids of all ages loved to come by and color. They did get two pieces of candy when they were done, maybe that helped! There were two jumpers, face painting, basketball game, frog jumping game … and the Easter Bunny to take pictures with. Sawyer wanted nothing to do with him!!

Avery & the Easter Bunny
S didn't like him on bit!

A won a prize in the raffle- her name was called and she bolted for the stage! She was so excited. She got to pick her prize. She picked a fairy salon thing- that didn’t come with the fairy. Wonderful! Just what we need, a toy with little pieces. I gave her a special box to keep it all in, so that Sawyer (hopefully) can’t get to it.

prize from the raffle


I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning. We all enjoyed them. We had a very relaxig morning, just hanging out. Sawyer and I had to run out the grocery store to get cat food and one ingredient I needed!! I found out that Target is closed on Easter Sunday- oopsy! I found a Vons that was open.

Sawyer napped early so we could go to a potluck lunner (late lunch/ early dinner). We took corn pudding & a brownie dessert. There was a great Easter egg hunt. Avery was very happy with her finds. Sawyer was too- he had his first chocolate bunny and made a HUGE mess.

my two little peeps
Avery filled her "basket" to capacity.
Sawyer loved the goodies he found in those eggs!!

The Easter Feast was at our friends house in Ventura. They have a great backyard with lots of room for the kids to run around and play. They had a Cozy Coupe (plastic car). Sawyer loved to get in and out of the car all afternoon. Thank you B family for having us over.

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