“Weird” Names

I am inputing Kendall’s Mailing List into a database and man there are some weird names out there. By weird, I mean different- not necessarily in a bad way! Please don’t take offense if you know anyone with these names!
Bridgit Dies (hope not!)
Katie Hoare (I wonder if the family got this name when last names were your job…)
Krichele (first name)
Terah & Terrah (as opposed to Tara)
Brielle (first name-sounds like blind laundry soap)
Golightly (last name)
Funderblunk (last name- do I need to comment?)
Sisters; Candy & Neslie Fudge (what were their parents thinking?)
I am sure I will come across more names soon!

24 responses to ““Weird” Names”

  1. umm.. hi i am neslie fudge. i dont think my name is weird. so umm back off homie! me adn my sister r freakin world wide known because of our kick butt names.

  2. if i were to have a son, the last thing he would be named is truth and love. maybe i’ll name him kill and evil. kill evil stryker has a nice ring to it.

  3. neslie fudge is my girlfriend. if yall have ne thing negative to say about her name then u can im me and tell me then i’ll kick ur beech ass

  4. this IS Candy Fudge, and my sister really is Neslie. Our names are awesome because no one forgets us! My parents knew exactly what they were thinking…and they DIDN’T get carried away with it. Just wait till we’re famous!

  5. this is Candy’s BF, their names aint weird, its just that all yall other people are weird, not only do they got cool names, they are beautiful to.

  6. Hello to Michelle, Clay, Thom, Candy & Nestlie! Please try not to take offense to my “weird name list.” It is only my personal opinion. I have always had a fascination with names and where they come from. I am now pregnant, so it’s my turn to choose a name. We’ll see…

  7. Hey let’s all lighten up. Crazysox is a nice person.
    I met the guy named Truth, nice guy.

    Names that have a “boutique” spelling seem like a hassle for the kid. Like instead of Kristy it’s Kristi or something.

  8. Don’t hate on Neslie and Candy… they are the coolest ppl on the planet… you just don’t know it yet

  9. this is thom’s little bro, this might be a year later but oh well, I bet I can beat any of yal in a game of basketball $30.00, Candy is awesome and so is neslie

  10. candy and neslie are the coolest people in the world with the coolest names! Oh and i can beat you at basket ball gay boy!

  11. neslie cheated on clayton shortly after this and thats funny,then again my name is Paper so what do i know

  12. hi! i’m candy. ok, my sister and i definately have wierd names, but who could forget them?!? that’s the cool part, no one forgets or names!!! have a great day!

  13. First off… I ended up at this site by accident but when I saw the Fudges mentioned I figured I’d throw my two cents in.

    They no longer consider me a friend of the family for reasons yet made clear, but I know these fine people and it doesn’t matter what they are called. They shine brightly in a world of dull gray. I seriously doubt they honestly take offense to what others think of their names, but I found their names rather charming. A person could do a lot worse then have the Fudges as thier friends. As for paper whoever he is…. tsk. Discretion is the better part of valor and that is a lesson I too learned far too late.

  14. My name is James Brown……. I went to school with Candy and Neslie Fudge. They are as sweet as there names, don’t hate cause if you saw them you’d on hush mode…..

  15. So true Jared. I have a few to add. Maybe I will post a new list of weird names!!

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