Tori’s Trip

We put Tori on the plane this afternoon in Burbank. She was here for 9 glorious days. She should be back in Oregon soon.

We had a blast with Tori here. Everyone should have a live-in nanny that drives!

She took Avery to the movies, Chuck E Cheese and the pool.

Together we went to the zoo, Disneyland, an adventure in LA, the beach, 2 parties… and our regular/daily adventures; school, church, softball, Awanas, soccer…

We went to In N Out on our way to the airport. I think Tori had it 3 times while she was here. You can’t have too much In-n-Out!!


Thank you Tori for spending your Spring Break here with us. We had a lot of fun!!

Check out the pictures of our adventures HERE.

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