Box Car Parade

Avery’s preschool, Kids Corner, had a box car parade this morning. Each kid in the pre-k classes was to make a car (really any kind of transportation) out of a box. There were some pretty fancy boxes out there- a Jedi fighter plane thing, Bat Mobile, a chopper, airplanes, firetrucks…

Avery’s was not fancy… at all. But hers was one of the few that the kid actually worked on.

Avery was trying to give Sawyer a hug- it didn't work very well.
Each kid got to show off their boxcar. Avery's was "love train #4."
Quinn's Firetruck
Eisley's VW Bus
Ms. McLain's bus was so cute. She had a picture of each student riding on her bus.
All the cars were laid out in the lawn and this is the one car Sawyer decided to sit in!
Pink Chopper

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