Food Glorious Food

Avery is now eating some “solid” foods. She seems to like all the food we have offered her so far. She likes her veggies- which is good because I don’t like any veggies, except corn and potatoes. We have a few more veggies to get through then onto fruits, then mixed fruits, then MEAT. Hmmm, sounds so yummy!
Avery is also now able to hold her bottle by herself if she is laying down.

4 responses to “Food Glorious Food”

  1. I wonder at what age kids start disliking foods and begin turing them down. I never got to turn down foods. My parents just shoved my face full even if I didn’t like it. I had no choice. It’s a miracle I’m not a gazillion pounds. But I do like almost all foods, so maybe their reasoning worked out.

  2. I’m not sure about that, but I hope she keeps liking all foods. I am such a picky eater so, I hope she doesn’t take after my diet. You have to at least try ithe food… even if you don’t like it. Dan says that goe for me too, because if she sees me not eating the veggies she won’t want to either. Maybe I’ll learn to like veggies too… not likely though!

  3. i didn’t think i liked veggies very much (without tons o’ butter), but then i realized that my mom just boiled all the flavor out of them. i loooves me some steamed veggies!

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