Top of the Mornin’ to ya!!

All in green.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. The day everyone claims to be Irish and wears green.

Avery took the, “wear green today” statement very seriously! She was ready for the day!! Avery was off to school to show off her green-ness. At school they ate lots of green snacks; jello, celery, mint ice cream, and even green milk to drink! We brought edamame to share- she wouldn’t even try them!! Stinker!

a girl all in green

Sawyer and I went to play date at the park while Avery was in school. Avery wore this shirt when she was almost 2. I think Sawyer will be wearing it next year too! We decorated this green plastic hat with shamrock foamy stickers & green jewels. We ate green stuff too, Sawyer’s favorite was the Lucy Charms cereal (minus the marshmallows).

Green hat

Nice green earring Sawyer.
Happy to be in green!!

March 17th would have been Bruce & Allison’s 36th wedding anniversary. We all got together for dinner. It was nice, but sad at the same time.

great grandma, grandma & the kids.

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