Spring Soccer

Avery is playing Spring Soccer. Spring Soccer is a lot more mellow than Fall Soccer. The team is called “The Roses,” that was Avery’s suggestion- weird kid! The coach had no practices scheduled, but another dad on the team felt that practice is important, so he scheduled a practice. I feel that practice is a part of being on a team and playing a sport, so I am happy that he decided to take it upon himself to hold a practice when the coach didn’t. The games are all on Sunday afternoons. She is lucky enough to be on the same team as three of her friends.

ready for the game to start

kick the ball that way

Dan and I were a little apprehensive when the season started. Last season she just followed the heard and really had not much of a clue what was going on on the field. But she did great in the first two games that she’s had so far. She actually went after the ball and kicked it in the right direction! I swear that last season she didn’t even touch the ball on the field- not even exaggerating.

going after the ball

Here’s to a fabulous season with The Roses!!

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