sick boy

Sunday Night

Sawyer is sick. He has a cold- runny nose, fever & nasty cough. He’s been sleeping ok, not wonderful, but still sleeping all night and a few shorter naps during the day (usually he has just one long one).

He’s ever been really been “sick.” He’s had a few colds, but very minor- no ear infections, no flu, not even any antibiotics as of yet.

This weekend he didn’t leave home- Dan and I tag teamed going out with Avery- 2 birthday parties, choir practice, a soccer game & church. He didn’t even get out of his pajamas.

Monday Morning

Decided to call the doctor and make an appointment this morning. Sawyer woke up about 30 minutes till 2 when we gave him Tylenol- he kept pulling on his ear, so I thought he had an ear infection. Still that yucky sounding cough. Poor baby, every time he coughs you can tell it hurts him. Thankfully he slept the rest of the night with no more wake-ups.

We did get to see the doctor in a timely manner- in the past we’ve been waiting up to 2 hours to see the doctor! He has a double ear infection, but his lungs are clear- no bronchitis.

He’ll start his very first round of antibiotics ever after his nap today. Hope he loves the taste…

ready for relief and a nap

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