I’ve been able to take Sawyer with me to the latest class I’ve been teaching for the city. It’s called “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and it’s for kids ages 18 months to 3 years. He’s just 18 months, and not interested in crafts at all. But I’ve been taking with me and he’s been ok. He kind of walks around the room and basically only joins us for snack. He does like the glue (very drippy & messy), the crayons he likes to much on and he likes to use the markers to draw on anything but paper. There are 5 kids in the class, all under 21 months- makes for one long hour!!

Today I decided to start off with the easels. Wasn’t sure how it would go over since the kids are pretty young.

Three kids hated it and two kids loved it- Sawyer was one of them!!


Sawyer loved wearing the smock. He was really mad when I took it off of him to wash his hands. He kept going to wear the smocks were hanging up and “asking” me to get one down for him. I did it back on him, but he kept tripping on it since it was so long!


He loved the black paint. Avery kept wanting to trade him for another color and he refused! He did pretty well dipping the brush and getting it onto the paper, until he dropped the paintbrush on the ground. He still didn’t want to stop.

washing hands

After he was done painting (with some help from me), he went to wash his hands. There’s a step up for the kids to wash their hands, but Sawyer still can’t reach the water. He stretches his little arms, but can’t quite reach the water. It’s hilarious.

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