Avery’s Ride & Old Guy’s Ride

Originally uploaded by Sara_Cameron.

Originally uploaded by Sara_Cameron.

I was at Sears today getting new tires. While I was waiting for them to finish (which too twice as long s they said it would), I walked to mall to check it out. Stacy & Rory met Avery and I there to pass the time.
While I was inside getting the paperwork done there was on old guy, who was being very impatient. Finally, he was helped and he was there because his “cycle” with a motor needed at 110 volt charge because he had been in an accident in it and he couldn’t get it home. I couldn’t picture this cycle at all until… I went outside to walk to the mall. There is was. This thing was awesome. The inside was set up like a video game. It was crazy.
Has anyone seen this guy and his cycle around town?

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  1. that guy has no right to be impatient about anything. if you insist on doing things differently than everyone else, you need to be gracious when you need special accommodations. that said, his “cycle” is pretty funny/cool.

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