Our Little Angel…


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I got Avery’s four month pictures done at Sears. She is our little cherub! Not too chunky though!
Dan made it so that you can look at all of the pictures. Dorky as it may seem, this one is my favorite.

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  1. Cute pics! Wish they had those when we were young. We always had the backgrounds with the funky fall trees or in the woods by a creek. Remember those?

  2. They still have those, if you want to use them. They will even take your picture, then put the “silhouette” in the corner. Remember those?

  3. i was so blown away when i saw this…i have pictures of myself just like this! from a month ago!

  4. I even remember my teacher shining a light on us and outlining our profile on a piece of paper as a “silhouette”. We framed it and gave it as a mothers day present. Duh!

  5. My mom and dad paid a street person to do the silhouette pic when I was 9 while vacationing in North Dakota. My mom cherishes those dumb cut outs and still has them hanging on the wall outside her bathroom.

  6. Lucky ladies; I was the #3 kid and there are NO cute pics of me around! I LOVE this one though. I’m gonna see if they’ll do it with Bonzo, my doggy!

  7. I’m sure they would, if he would keep still long enough. Remember when you did those Christmas postcards with Bonzo? Very cute!

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