We hadn’t been to Disneyland in almost 3 months (shock)!!  3 months is a long time for us, we were trying to go once a month. Avery was pretty stoked to go. It was a little more special since we met up with the Brooks, who moved up north about a year and a half ago- right after Sawyer was born.

Avery in the front seat.

Avery’s main request was to get a picture with Tiana (from Princess & the Frog). We didn’t see Tiana at all, so I asked an employee and she told us we could go stand in line at the Princess Faire. That’s where you can stand on line and and “meet” 6 princesses at once, but the line was at least 90 minutes. So we missed her, maybe we’ll see her next time.

Last time we went, Sawyer was just starting to walk around on his own. This time, we was running around! It was a different experience.

Buzz Lightyear

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