I know a girl that was evacuated from Hurricane Katrina. She was to be a Freshman at Tulane Univ in New Orleans. Got this email from her mom;

“Hello, Friends. Morgan was safely evacuated from New Orleans a few days before the hurricain hit. She is now in Dallas and looking for places to volunteer (preferably with children in an undeveloped country) for at least a few months, if not the entire academic year. Please send any concrete suggestions to her at ——. We’ll keep you posted of her decisions. Merci. Judy”

Crazy! You have plans to go somewhere and do something, then- BAM, it’s not even there anymore.

2 responses to “Displaced”

  1. It is crazy! Plans for the year gone. Maybe she’s looking for something more long term but she could volunteer with the red cross of something for now. Their are lots of people in need at the Astro Dome.

  2. That’s what I was thinking, she can stay in the area and “see” it build up again.
    See you tonight Bug!!

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