the food

The food was Uh May Zing!

Breakfast 8am to 10 was a serve yourself buffet- granola & yogurt, fruit, fresh banana bread, toast, eggs to order, juice & coffee.

Lunch 1:30 ish. We ordered lunch at around 11. The chef (& his crew) made everything from scratch (pasta & breads too!). There were only 5 choices- pesto chicken sandwich is what i got most days. The kids had lunch a little earlier than us- either pasta with butter or grilled cheese for just about every meal- not so balanced. Between the choices they had for her and her being picky that was it- pasta or grilled cheese!

lunch time

Dinner– 7pm. Again we ordered dinner earlier so the chef can make it all fresh. I ordered lobster tail every night and Dan switched between steak & fish. It was so yummy.

showing our muscles after dinner
fresh ceviche

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