Punky Brewster?

Punky Brewster

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I found these tights at Target (thanks Ali). I absolutely love them! One person asked if she was gay since they were rainbow stripes (no comment on who that was…). They remind me of Punky Brewster- no, no belts around her head or bandanas around her legs- not yet anyway!
Avery is three and a half months now. She is “talking” to us everyday and laughing a lot!

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  1. Those are the tights she had on the other night at Jared’s party, huh? She looked so cute in them!
    Hang on to them, Sarah, for when I have a baby. I don’t care if I have a boy or a girl. They are wearing those tights!!!! ha ha
    (no I’m not pregnant)

  2. Yes, this picture was taken that evening. No problem- they’ll look great on your son, Randy would love that!

  3. Although I was obviously just kidding about the gay comment that night, if those things end up on Kristi’s BOY I will have to have a serious talk with Randy.

  4. I just heard that Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) named her daughter, POET SIENNA ROSE! Crazy.
    Of coarse Jerry Seinfeld named his kid Shepherd. That’s just wrong. He should know better, he is a comedian!
    JB-Ipromise to not let Randy’s boy wear these tights- what about some plain red ones?

  5. Maybe not red, but I think Randy would go for some blue polka-dotted or sstriped ones for our son. Got any like that?

  6. Let me just let you in on a little secret, sometimes your boys will probably wear tights. Especially if they are into any superheros, ninja’s or just being silly. Course, you’ll have to have a girl in the house who owns the tights. So, Sara you are all set when you have a boy.

  7. or sometimes you will be a boy who wants to be a kitty for haloween and you borrow your mom’s tights and then all the kids at school laugh at you because no one took the time to explain to you that kids might laugh at a boy dressed as a kitty.

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