water boy

Sawyer is not a “water boy” as much as Avery was a “fish” at the same age. We decided to just let him be and hopefully he’d get in on his own and enjoy it. It worked!

He started out just hanging out on the edge of the pool (it was zero depth- like a beach), and eventually he got in more and more. By the end of the trip we couldn’t keep him out of the water. One morning he walked right into the pool with all his clothes on, including shoes. Afterwards, it was hilarious.

He had two “falls” in the water. We were close by to “save” him and he recovered quickly. Thankfully he got right back in and played some more.

happy boy

At the beginning of the week, Sawyer would blow bubbles on the shore. He’d bend over and “blow” his bubbles in the concrete, it was hilarious. He eventually did blow bubbles in the water.

We didn’t stay at the pool the whole time, we did venture down to the beach. Avery loved it (swam in the ocean, kayaked, collected shells…) but Sawyer wanted nothing to do with it. He didn’t like the sand, the shells or the salt water. Like the pool, we kept taking him down in hopes he would finally like it… he did. He liked the shore part at least.

at the beach
exploring the shore- mermaid cove

3 responses to “water boy”

  1. How fun! He is getting cuter and cuer in each picture I see. You should have told me you were going, my dad lives in Costa Rica, and he would have shown you and your friends a good time! Miss you!

  2. So so so proud of him! All that bubble-blowing was so much fun and well, when he was in the shallows and tried to reach the water with his mouth but his forehead got in the way – well, that was just too much !!!

    The photo on the beach is stunning – what a charmer he is going to be 🙂

    You have such a stunning and truly wonderful family. I look forward to a life long friendship with all of you 🙂

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