new peeps

the whole crew

Dan had met a few of the guys face to face but mostly on phone calls and email connections. I had never met nor talked to anyone that was going on this trip. Great! I honestly had no idea how it  was going to go- either absolutely fabulous or it was going to be a very LONG 10 days! Well, it turned to be FAN YOU LUSS!!

We think it’s crazy- amazing that S&P were able to bring together 15 people from all over the US & Canada that have so much in common and got along so well. Fabulous!!

The laptops & iphones were 1 to 1!

Everyone was SO helpful with the kids. It was astonishing that every person was there to help at any moment with either kid without us even asking, they just stepped right in.

Avery made a life long friend that she asks about just about everyday still. She wants to sing and swim with her friend Lindsey. She already checked on the map where Jaclyn lives in Canada.

Thank you S&P for the trip of a lifetime. We are looking forward to next year. Avery’s suggestion for next year is… Las Vegas!

Cameron Family in Panama

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  1. I feel exactly the same way…! I loved the entire experience and well, miss my 3 little kids 🙁 Of course, Serenity is not too far away but Sawyer and Avery – they’ll have changed so much in only a short period… I am afraid of missing so much – especially having been there for his first ventures into water. I am also looking forward to singing through many more musicals with Avery… YOU HAVE REAL TALENT GIRL !!!! throw me an email sometime ( and we can talk about where you live / future visits to LA or you up here to Santa Cruz..!!!


  2. Thanks guys. I am looking forward to scrapping the trip with (some of) Avery’s help. She loves the video you made Peter. We’ve watched it a few times now. THANKS!!
    When anyone asks Avery about the trip, she immediately tells them about all the shells she found! She talks to Ariel everyday through her shell! So funny!

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