an adventure for sure…

We just returned from a true adventure. We went to Costa Rica & Panama for 10 (mostly) glorious days. We’d never been to Latin America and were excited to go. We flew from LAX to Phoenix (1 hour) then to San Jose, Costa Rica (5.5 hours). The flights were ok… Sawyer hardly slept so that means none of us slept!

On day 2 we took a (very) small plane to Bocas, Panama (1 hour). San Jose is very windy so that short trip was a little “exciting” to say the least.

little plane
on the little plane

Then we took a boat to the island where we’d be vacationing (40 minutes). It was beautiful driving by past the little islands, it was so clear we could see a lot of ocean “stuff.”

life vests all around
We made it!!

2 responses to “an adventure for sure…”

  1. The plane ride from San Jose to Bocas was nerve racking. I don’t like flying and when the plane swung side to side in the wind I was–silently–terrified.

  2. Sara Sara!
    I’ve been lucky enough to meet everyone on the team, and was confident we’d all have a good time together. BUT… there was an unknown, Spouses and Children! As it turns out, you guys were a fantastic addition. Having Sawyer and Avery around made everything more fun. I was impressed and amazed that you and Dan could haul those munchkins through the rainforest with such great spirits.

    Anytime you’re in minnesota, and you need a babysitter, give me a holler.

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