Goin’ On A Bear Hunt

This morning we went on a bear hunt. We started out by reading the book by Helen Oxenberry.
The we did crafts, songs & snack (hurray!).

Make a bear paw print. I cut out the pieces for the bear paw and had the kids glue them together, kind of like a puzzle.

paw print
paw print

I gave each kid a cut out of a bear to glue on a piece of construction paper and color however the wanted.

Each kid made a hat for themselves too. I gave them all different sized circles to glue together to make the bear face. Then each kid hand stuffed their very own bear to take home.

bear hat & stuffing his new friend
bear hat & stuffing his new friend

What do bears eat? Honey! We had graham crackers with honey. Every kid at least tried the honey. During the snack we talked about where bears live and the different colors bears could be.

Bear Hunt Song
Goin’ on a bear hunt (repeat)
I’m not afraid (repeat)
Got a real good friend (children hug each other during this part…repeat)
By my side (repeat)
Uh, Oh (repeat)
What do I see? (repeat)
Oh look! It’s some tall grass! (repeat)
Can’t go over it (repeat)
Can’t go under it (repeat)
Can’t go around it (repeat)
Got to go through it (repeat… clearing a way thru grass)

• Snow- swirling flakes
• Ice- ice skating
• Tall tree- climb tree
• Wide river- swim

• Dark cave- sneak inside
Uh,oh! It’s dark in here. (repeat)
I feel something (repeat)
It has lots of hair! (repeat)
It has sharp teeth! (repeat)
It’s a bear!! (children love to scream)
(Go back home. Sneak out of cave, swim rive, climb tree, ice skate, swirling flakes, back through the tall grass, till you get safely home and lock the door.)
I’m not afraid! (Repeat)

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