Betsy in the 80’s

Betsy in the 80’s

Originally uploaded by Sara_Cameron.

This is Betsy Bre. She works at the pool in the office. She loves the 80’s and her hair shows it. No, she does not wear her hair like this in public. Although, we do know someone who does-on purpose. You’ll have to come by the VC Pool to see it…
What a babe.

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  1. Please let Betsy know that the counselors at the summer camp I work at are having an “80s Prom” party tomorrow night. I’m sure she’ll fit right in with the side hair. 🙂

  2. Banana clips…now you’re really taking me back! I saw a banana clip the other day. For real. Like someone had it in her hair. She also had leggings on. I’m not kidding. (wish I was)

  3. It could have the chick from the pool who really does wear her hair like this. Was she really tan?

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