We’ve been more into playing board games. While we were in Boise, we played a lot of games- Scrabble, Sequence, Clue, Sorry, Traffic Jam, Uno…


Dan taught Avery to play ti-tac-toe and she loves it. She plays a dozen games a day, with each of us! One of  the latest activites at Lowes was a tic tac toe game! Wonderful, now we can play all the time!! Anywhere!!

From tic tac toe I thought of Connect 4, we borrowed it from a friend. Did you know that Connect 4 is about $20 new in the store?!? Crazy! She is getting pretty good at it too. She figured out that the best place to make her first move is in the center. She is always red and we have to be black.

Now we are playing more card games. We’ve been playing Old Maid & Go Fish. Old Maid is a little hard for her to hold all the cards in her hands, so she likes Go Fish better.

She doesn’t like Uno! She gets the idea of the game- get rid of the cards by color or number. She just doesn’t like it. Weird!!

What games are next?

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  1. Checkers is a good one. We don’t have the game, but I bet I can find one at the thrift store pretty easily.
    When she’s ready for chess, maybe you can come over to teach her! My nephews play and they are 6 & 8, so soon enough, I guess.

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