An estimate is a good guess. Working with estimations is a great way to play with numbers and work on those logical reasoning skills. I think Avery will love math & science when she gets older, she likes rules and getting answers, so she liked this activity.

We started with estimating how many cups of sand it would take to fill a pitcher. She guessed 100 scoops, we found it was actually 18. She began to get the hang of it, I think, the last one she did she estimated (guessed) correctly!

We used different sized cups & containers for comparing.

A's estimate chart

How many steps will it take you to walk across the driveway?
How many times can you hop in 10 seconds?
How many goldfish crackers will it take to fill this bowl?
How many blocks can you stack before the tower falls?

6 responses to “estimate”

  1. Exactly, and then if they say no, she can cry and tell them “now I don’t get to go to Disneyland!”

  2. Sara, you are a genius! I love visiting your blog to see what crafts and learning acivities you’re doing with your kids. I’ve even stolen a few of your ideas and used them in my 7th grade art classes! You’re such a good mom.

  3. Thanks Sara. We try to have an adventure every day… sometimes it turns into a fiasco tho!!

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